The Future of Modular Construction is Now!

Modular construction is more popular than ever due to the many advantages it has over other types of construction.  As more and more people learn about modular construction and its benefits, it becomes apparent that it is the preferred option in today's market for the construction of residential, multi-family, and commercial projects. 

Structural Modulars, Inc. has been an innovator in the modular building industry since 1990, and is committed to providing the best and most versatile product on the market today.  Why choose SMI?

  • Complete Customization
  • Controlled Environment
  • Superior Craftsmanship
  • 25% - 50% Reduction in Construction Time 

Introducing SMI

"We have had several dealings with SMI, and I can tell that they are very professional and knowledgeable about their product. The construction of the homes are very good and a fantastic value.  We are currently, and will continue to deal with this very reputable company."
Terrence P. McCaffrey, President, McCaffrey Development Corp.
“We just wanted to express our gratitude and appreciation for everything that SMI has done for our family.  From the original blueprints t the final construction you have been a wonderful facility to work with.  Keep up the good work!!!”
Dan & Mardi
 “While constructing my office, I found the sales team and management to be extremely knowledgeable and professional. They make a serious effort to provide the client with exactly what they are looking for, and go the extra mile to make sure the entire process is as simple and easy as possible.” 
Benjamin, Dentist
"Structural Modulars, Inc. provides an extremely high quality product, at a competitive price.  They offer endless ways to customize and construct unique and progressive designs."
Elliot Fabri, Jr., Vice President, EcoCraft Homes
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