Why add modular construction to your building equation?

The fact that you clicked on this page is the first step.  The second is to know we are not a trailer factory.  We are a site builder who just happens to build off-site.

Third...We are not here to take business from you we are here to be a part of your building equation.  So why hire us to build your structure?  Take a moment and answer the following three questions.

  1. Are you having trouble finding and keeping quality construction workers?
  2. Would you be able to build more if you could control Mother Nature and the general enviroment?
  3. Would you like to increase your sales without increasing your overhead?


  • Superior Product -  We work with highly skilled individuals who are specialized in their craft.  Framers frame.  Drywallers drywall.  Painters paint.  Plumbers plumb?
  • Reduced Construction Time - We work in a controlled environment where Mother Nature can not interfer with the building process.  So if it is raining or it's too cold outside it doesn't impact us.  We work through it.
    SIDE NOTE:  The materials and products are also protected from the weather as well as from potential theft so the structure is never compromised.  And best of all we build from the inside out enabling us to seal around pipes, fixtures, windows, etc. that would otherwise enable outside air and moisture to penetrate the structure which means greater energy efficient.
  • Less On-Site Construction - This means greater job site control and less sub-contractor involvement which means less overhead costs which in turn = Time Savings + More Profits.