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Modular Construction - Roles and Responsibilities

June 29, 2019    |     Andrea Maitland

We have discussed modular construction; from the differences between on-site and off-site construction, SMI's building standards, what happens on the production line, to the products and materials we use to build your home.  But how about the roles of each entity involved?  Your builder?  The modular company?  Where do you fit in to all of this?

First, you need to think of modular construction as a sub-contractor like a plumber or an electrician.  Just as they provide a specific product and service, so do we.  Structural Modulars, Inc. (SMI) designs and constructs the basic structure your builder will take and turn into the home of your dreams.

The roles and responsibilities of your builder, the modular manufacturer, and you, are as follows:

Your BUILDER does all of the preliminary and finishing work, they:

  • Site Prep - your builder takes care of excavating the lot, laying the foundation, and preparing the site for the set of your home.  They take care of all the paperwork from permits to prints, working with utility companies and subcontractors.
  • Design Assistance - the builder will be a resource of information when it comes to the layout and design of your home.  They work with our sales and drafting team to make sure your ideas are implemented into your floor plan. 
  • Exterior/Interior Finish Work - once your house has been set, your builder will finish your home.  Depending on what you have requested, they may construct a front porch, a garage, paint the interior, add trim, landscape, etc.

STRUCTURAL MODULARS, INC. does the final design work and construction of your new home, we:

  • Prepare the permit prints that will be used throughout the entire project.
  • Order all materials and products selected for the project.
  • Construct your home using the 5 station process.
  • Deliver the units to the site.
  • Set the units on the site.

YOU have a role in this process as well, you will:

  • Work with your financial institution or bank to secure your building funds.
  • Provide your builder with any and all information regarding your property.  For instance, if you have a well or need to connect to public utilities.  If you have direct access to the property or you need to obtain permission from a neighbor or the municipality.
  • Select all products and materials used in the construction of your home from the front entry door to the color and style of carpet in your kids rooms.

  • Live happily ever after in the home of your dreams.

SMI understands this is a very big decision and we are here to help you in any way.  Our website provides you with handouts, checklists, and guides along with floor plans and elevations.  Here are a few links that may help you when applying for a loan, purchasing land, or selecting your products and materials, etc. 

For more ideas be sure to check out our boards on Pinterest and join us this weekend for the grand opening of The Essex.  Friday, August 24 from 10-6 and Saturday, August 25 from 10-4.  Talk a walk through our new contemporary model, tour our production line and check out our in-house showroom.  We hope to see you there.


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