Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

Before your home goes on the production line there are a few things you as the owner need to do.  Let's assume you have a floor plan with the layout of the rooms.  Now it's time to select your doors, windows, flooring, kitchen layout, cabinetry, etc.

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Structural Modulars, Inc. is designing a new model to be set in front of our main office at 101 Southern Avenue, Strattanville, PA  16258.  The following blog discusses some of the decisions we had to make in order to start designing the floor plan.

Style of Home?  Traditional or Open Concept?  Type of Ceiling? 

We chose:  

  1. Ranch Style - contemporary products and materials in the most popular style of home.
  2. Open Floor Concept - big enough for family get-togethers without losing an intimate setting.
  3. Vaulted Ceiling in kitchen and dining /a slightly lower vaulted ceiling in living room.

We looked at existing floor plans to give us an idea of what we wanted.  Plus they are fun to look at where you imagine what you would want in the home of your dreams; a big kitchen, lots of light, whether or not you want your kids to be right next to your bedroom or above the garage.     

     Now before you get this idea in your head that a modular ranch is limited with its options…think again.  The more we talked and our drafting department designed we realized that we could take a simple ranch floor plan, incorporate our ideas, and end up with a floor plan that could easily fit in suburbia, the middle of nowhere, or in a city.  Not only that but where the interior rooms could be adjusted with ease and the exterior roof pitches and materials could change.  We wanted a plan that would be adaptable for all types of clients.

Next we had to decide on the following things:
  1. Number of Bedrooms (Don't forget about CLOSETS!!!!)
  2. Number of Bathrooms (Don't forget about STORAGE!!!!)
  3. Location of Laundry/Mud Room 

With so many home buyers looking to downsize or for the family just starting out 3 bedrooms seemed to be the most popular number.  2 guest bedrooms where one of the rooms could easily turn into an office, or craft room if both weren't necessary.  We also wanted enough square feet and closet space to accommodate an infant through the teen years so the bedrooms would transition as they grow.  The placement of the guest bathroom, the size, and whether we wanted a full bath or 3/4 bath were decided next.  We went with a full bath that includes a tub/shower combo and a linen closet right outside the bathroom door.

The master bedroom is double the size of the guest bedrooms with a walk-in closet and the master bath contains a sunken rain shower and a separate lavatory.  The bathroom cabinetry will have a utility closet for extra storage.

Regarding the laundry/mud room we wanted to place it somewhere in the middle so accessibility would not be an issue and that it would be spacious enough to handle more than one person in it at a time.  So after a day of splashing in the rain or walking your dog in the snow there is plenty of room for shoes and coats...and if they're dirty just through them in the wash!  If you find you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to comment.

Next week we will discuss the kitchen, dining, and living spaces.  For more information check us out on Facebook, Pinterest, and Houzz for pictures, ideas, and plans!

Style of Home - Ranch
Ranch Plans
Open Floor Concept
Open Floor Pics
Vaulted Ceiling
Vaulted Pics
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