"It all begins with the perfect floor plan..."

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Step 1:  Design

Complete Customization

We offer a wide selection of standard floor plans. BUT if you don't like what you see remember we can start from scratch or a sketch!

The standard materials and products we use are what other modular manufacturers refer to as upgrades.  From our sales team to the service department and everything in between...we go above and beyond to make sure everything is as it should be...perfect.


Step 2:  Construct

Superior Craftsmanship

Our staff are highly skilled in traditional carpentry as well as the latest technologies. They take great pride in their work to ensure our product is the best.  Our building standards are the same as a site-built home, however, we make sure we exceed all county, state, and federal building regulations and codes.



Step 3:  Live

Best Value for The Dollar

The excitement of moving into a brand new home can make anyone impatient.  Not knowing the final cost due to constant changes would make anyone nervous.  The wonderful thing about building a modular is you know exactly what your home costs are before the building process starts.  And since we work in a controlled environment, your house is ready 25%-50% faster!