The Stages of Production

Modular construction is so precise.  It has to be.  When your home is set it has to fit perfectly on the foundation.  No mistakes.  So how does Structural Modulars, Inc. construct your modular home?  Check out the slideshows below.

What Makes Us Different               




Station 1

Floors, Ceilings, Exterior Walls, Roofs

  1. Roof trusses are manufactured at our facility
  2. Floors and ceilings are built with continuous LVL up to 64' to eliminate cracks and bridge any deviations in the foundation.
  3. The floor is framed and decked - made of 3/4" OSB, then glued and screwed using 2"x10" SYP.
  4. End, interior, and marriage walls are constructed
  5. Exterior walls are caulked where other walls meet
  6. Back of drywall caulked
  7. Interior walls are set
  8. Ceiling/roof assembly is set and caulked where marriage, side, and end walls meet





Station 2

Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Drywall

  1. Electrical - all openings and boxes on exterior walls caulked
  2. Plumbing - all drains on exterior walls are caulked at drywall entry to stop airflow
  3. Prep for heating system
  4. Hanging of drywall - install drywall backer at all joints

Station 3

Painting, Insulation, Sheathing

  1. Finish hanging drywall, tape, and then coat
  2. Scrape and sand then apply Vapor Barrier Primer
  3. Flash paint between all joints and corners
  4. Scuff walls after flash coat
  5. Spray and back roll walls and ceilings
  6. Install R21 insulation
  7. 7/16" sheathing on all exterior and marriage walls
  8. Trim-Tek TM Tear Away L Bead (used for a clean, sharp look) around all tubs and showers




Station 4

Shingles, Windows, Siding, Exterior Doors

  1. Install insulation in ceiling
  2. Sheathing and roof shingles installed
  3. Install air infiltration/moisture barrier on exterior
  4. Install of siding, windows, and exterior doors
  5. Start floor coverings
  6. Start trim
  7. Begin installing cabinetry and countertops
  8. Hang interior doors

Station 5

Trim, Cabinetry, Countertops, Shiploose

  1. Finish trim
  2. Finish cabinetry and countertops
  3. Touch ups
  4. Clean units
  5. Hot check electric system
  6. Load shiploose material
  7. Button up units


  1. Load house on carriers
  2. Flood test all plumbing drains
  3. Air test all plumbing supplies

Additional Prep

  1. Dormer construction
  2. Gable end panel construction
  3. Unique architectural components