How SMI Constructs Modular Homes

Once you have signed off on the floor plan and elevation, and you have selected all of the products and materials for your house it's time to sign the contract with your builder.  When your contract is processed the following things happen:

  1. The house is given a serial #.
  2. The drafting department draws up the production prints and each department reviews them for final approval. If there are questions or concerns, they are addressed at this time.
  3. The products and materials are ordered for the house and it goes on the production schedule.
Construction in the SMI Plant

So What Happens Next?

Once the products and materials are in stock and staged (all materials are placed at the designated station) the crew leaders, production manager, assistant production manager, and quality control get together to review plans and make sure that all of the expectations of the builder/client are discussed in length.

It is then put on the line and goes through our 5 stage process.

Stages of Production

Each stage or station receives a copy of the permit set of prints.  Should a question or concern arise the team gets together and discusses how to proceed.  The inspection process of our production line is done by a third party organization.  They visit the plant on a regular basis to inspect the units on line and to make sure we follow all policies and procedures set forth by Structural Modulars, Inc.

During production if the builder has requested, the entire process is photographed and filmed.  A landing page is designed and the link is sent to the builder and client so they can watch online.  Or if the client prefers, they can visit our facility and walk the line with their builder.

We welcome you to stop by and see for yourself just what it is we do and how we can serve you better.