how to find a floor plan

Where To Begin?

When it comes to finding or designing a floor plan, there are so many questions you need to answer that it can be very overwhelming.  Working with Structural Modulars, Inc. and your approved builder is the first step towards a smoother experience than working with anyone else.  That is how confident we are in what we do and how we do it.


STEP #1 - What's your style?

By selecting the style of home can greatly reduce time wasted on floor plan design.  What do you want?  Or better yet...what do you NOT want.  IE:  I know I don't want to walk up and down stairs.  Well that takes care of two-story homes.  Cape cods usually have a second floor but sometimes they are just glorified attics.  So ranch style it is.


step #2 - How much do you want to clean?

I know that at first read that sounds pretty silly.  But think about it.  The more square footage, the more space.  The more space, the more stuff.  The more stuff, the more clutter.  The more clutter, the more dirt.  The more dirt, the more cleaning required.


step #3 - What can't you live without?

Make a list of everything you want.  Don't think of the cost just yet.  Get your creative juices flowing and put it all down on paper.  You will take away what you can live without.

  • Heated floors
  • Solar power
  • Large walk-in closets 
  • Built-in shelving
  • Finished basement
  • Professional kitchen
  • A full bath for every bedroom
  • A game room
  • A movie room
  • A SMART house

step #4 - Oh and Don't forget the small stuff!

When it comes to designing a floor plan, the small stuff matters.  For instance, the direction of the door swing, the placement of a light switch or an outlet, the location of your network and wi-fi routers, equipment, and so on.  

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