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Finding The Right Bank

Banks today are getting it.  Meaning they understand that a modular constructed structure is of the same quality as an on-site/stick built/traditional built structure.  The banks listed below have reached out to us wanting to share their modular loan process.  Be sure to check them out!

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citizens bankModular Home Construction Financing

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homesavings     1st Step in Securing a Home Loan

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How To Get A Home Loan

I Want To Build A Home, But What Can I Afford?

If you are financing any part of your new construction, there are quite a few steps to take before calling a house your home. Specifically related to the finance of the new build, banks will look at two main things to determine the cost of home you are able to afford:

1. Current income

2. Current expenses

These two items will determine your overall debt-to-income ratio, or otherwise referred to as your “DTI”.

Your income will be calculated using your most recent pay statements. The bank will use your gross income (amount prior to taxes). It is required that the loan qualifies using normal income only, and not using any overtime, commissions or bonuses, as these are not guaranteed. You will need to provide recent pay statements as well as tax turns, including W2 forms, for last two years in order to prove the income is consistent.

Identifying your expenses is the second crucial step in financing a new home. Expenses that reflect on your credit report would include auto loans, student loans, credit cards, etc. The bank will also include any alimony or child support payments that are paid monthly. If you co-signed on a loan for another person, it will also be counted towards your debt.

Additional expenses such as utilities (electric, gas, water, sewage), daycare expenses, car insurance, phone/internet, etc. do not count towards your DTI; however, keep in mind that you will still need to be financially able make those payments on a regular basis. Maxing out your finances on your home is not suggested as it would limit your ability to pay for living expenses.

For more information about calculating your debt-to-income ratio or information about the mortgage process, please visit or contact Melinda White at 844.226.7523.

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