How We Design

To some, design is the last thing they want to do but to others they can't wait to get started!  We provide services for all levels of enthusiasts.  Our sales team is available to take you and your builder on a tour of our facility, where you can watch how we build, we offer in-house drafting services who work with your builder to design a floor plan that surpasses all of the building codes and structural requirements. 

Here at SMI we have a showroom that displays flooring, windows, siding, shingles, tile, cabinetry, and more along with catalogs of floor plans from previous projects.  And with the recent set of our contemporary model you can walk through an actual modular home to see the finished product.  



Once you have determined your budget the 1st step in the SMI design process is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Downsizing or Expanding? - Where are you in your life and what needs do you have when it comes to a living space?  
  • Crawl Space or Basement? - Modulars are designed and constructed to be set on a crawl space or basement.  Although it possible to set on slab it is not at all cost effective.  
  • # of Bedrooms? - Do you want a master bedroom with 1 guest bedroom and maybe a small office with room for a sleeper sofa for additional guests?
  • Location of the Bedrooms? - Do you want the children on the 2nd floor or are you looking to build a one-story home where the bedrooms would be separated by the living room?
  • # of Bathrooms? - Do you mind sharing a bathroom?  Or do you want a private master bathroom and 1 additional bathroom with a tub or just a shower somewhere else?
  • Style of Home? - Once you have determined the # of bedrooms and bathrooms you may find that a cape cod would work better than a ranch.  In the modular world we think in boxes.  Like a 2 box cape or a three box two story.  
  • Traditional Layout or Open Floor Concept? - Do you like the idea of a separate dining room instead of incorporating it into the kitchen area?  Or do you have small children that you need to keep an eye on?
  • Ceiling Height? - Because we deliver your home to you there are a few limitations when it comes to shipping and transportation.  The maximum sized box cannot exceed 16' wide by 68' long by 14.4' high.  Vaulted ceiling 
  • Where Do You Spend the Most Time? - It may seem like a silly question however, if you find that you and your family are always in the kitchen and/or living room would it make sense to incorporate a desk in to the kitchen island or build one out from a living room wall?
  • What about Balconies, Decks, Porches, an Attached Garage? - Your builder will talk with us about what we can do in the plant to assist with construction.  However, most of the time your builder will add those items on after the house has been set.