Setting your home

Who is Responsible for What?


Step by step

Once the boxes are delivered to the site the builder hires a set crew and a crane to set the house on the foundation.  Our modular homes are set on crawl space or basements.  This process is truly an artform and a science.  


set crew responsibilities

Prior to the set the crew will sit down with the builder to discuss exactly what needs to be done and who will be responsible for it.  Due to the fact that our homes are completely customized also means that each set is unique and should be treated as such.  For an example of what the set crew is responsible for click on Set Crew Responsibilities in the Helpful Info section of this page.

builder responsibilities

When you hire one of our approved builders you are not only hiring a fantastic builder but one who is very knowledgeable when it comes to setting your modular home.

  • Site Work - The area around the foundation must be clear and level enough to permit the positioning of the modular units and the crane which will set the units on the foundation.
  • Foundation Work - SMI provides your builder a blueprint of your house with foundation plans.  Your builder will install a basement or crawl space for the units.
  • Installation Work - Your builder schedules the crane and set crew.  SMI can provide your builder with names if needed.

day of the set

  • The modular units are set
  • The support columns placed
  • The roof is raised
  • The ridge assembly is installed
  • Final shingles and gable end panels are attached to provide a weather-tight and secure condition

completion of modular home

  • Finishing Work - Your builder signs off on the house and begins to finish it.  There will be some interior and exterior work of the unit along with building a garage, porch, or deck.  When you receive the keys to your new home it is your builder who gives them to you.

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