How SMI Delivers Modular Homes

The way our modular homes are constructed there is very little damage if any made during transportation.  Our found and CEO designed our carriers to evenly distribute the weight of the modular instead of just down the center where the weight teeters back and forth.

3d_Carrier-Carrier Assembly3d_Carrier-Carrier Assembly


Structural Modulars, Inc.

Don Lewis, our CEO and founder took it upon himself to design a carrier that provided the following:

  • Air Brakes
  • Extendable
  • Dual Wheels/Dual Axles
  • Even Weight Distribution
  • Licensed and Inspected
  • In House Maintenance Shop

It started with a boat lift...

Here at SMI we pride ourselves on the creative ideas that we think of to handle the day to day stresses of a modular company.  One in particular was how to get the modular unit on the carrier for delivery.  Ummmm.  Let's see.  What about a boat lift?  To make a long story short we hired engineers to take that simple contraption and turn it into exactly what we needed.