How SMI Designs Modular Homes

So you selected Structural Modulars to build your modular home and we have partnered you with a SMI Approved Builder.  Here is what happens next.  We have the in-house showroom and the production line you can visit along with the new contemporary model for you to walk through and collect ideas.   If you are unable to come to us we can bring it to you instead via:

  1. Live Streaming Of The New Model

  2. Landing Page w/Construction Photos Of Your Home

  3. Interactive Products & Materials Guide (TBA)




Structural Modulars, Inc. is known for incorporating complete customization into all of our designs.  That is why clients and builders come to us.  We design modular homes one at a time.  Each home or structure has been designed to fit the needs of the client not the other way around.  

From these three styles we can design pretty much anything.  How about a Cape Cod with a shed roof and a bump-out?

Before you get started print out a "10 Questions To Ask Yourself" and take the time to answer the questions.  It is simply to organize your ideas, your must haves, and what isn't necessary but would be awesome!

Take the answers and sketch out your ideas.  When you are ready to meet with your builder be sure to ask his opinion.  What has he done in the past for other clients?  He will be a wealth of knowledge that could end up helping you save money and time.  

Next is designing a floor plan to meet most or all of your requested criteria.  Feel free to browse through our standard floor plans as well as a page completely devoted to custom plans for ideas.  Once you have selected a few floor plans give them to your builder to quote.  

Your builder gives your final floor plan to their SMI sales rep and they take it to the drafting department to draw it out.  At this point there is a $100 drafting fee which covers the following: 

  • Front & Back Elevations

  • Right & Left Elevations

Once you have everything the way you want it take a look at our Modular Home Checklist.  This checklist will give you an idea of what still needs to be selected before the house can be ordered and go on the production line.  Also check out Additional Items To Consider for products you may not have thought about.