Roles And Responsibilities

When you choose to go with modular design and construction, and you select Structural Modulars, Inc. to build the structure, you won't have to worry about finding a builder to oversee your project. Why?

Because. When you select us to be the modular manufacturer, we partner you with one of our approved builders, so the hassle of finding, screening, and interviewing a complete stranger goes away!

However, we want you to feel completely comfortable with your building partner. So if you would like a list of questions to use when interviewing just fill out the form below, and we will email you "33 Questions To Ask A Potential Builder."



The first thing we do is partner you with one of our approved builders. We work with builders throughout Pennsylvania and the Mid Atlantic region.  It is important to us that we make sure your building experience is positive and what better way than to have you work with someone we trust.
From this point forward your builder is your main point of contact.  Why?  Because your builder is the one who will give you the key to your dream home when the project is completed.



You have the most essential part of this building project. We, the builder and SMI. will follow your lead. However, sometimes, you aren't sure what your role is other than writing checks so here are a few things you will be responsible for.

  • Purchase the property
  • Pre-qualify and be approved for a loan
  • Determine what you want and/or select a floor plan
  • Select the products and materials 

When purchasing a modular home from Structural Modulars, Inc. we will:
  • Partner you with an approved builder
  • Design the floor plan and take care of any and all approvals
  • Conduct a site survey/route survey if necessary
  • Purchase the products and materials
  • Construct your home
  • Deliver your home
  • Set you home



After you have been assigned an approved builder, they will:

  • Prep the site
  • Lay the foundation
  • Help you with the floor plan
  • Assist you in selecting your products and materials
  • Work directly with us to make sure your home is perfect
  • Finish the house once it has been set

How To Find A Floor Plan



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