Modular Homes -
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Design. Construct. Live.  

Modular construction isn't what it used to be.  For instance, we don't build cookie cutter houses where all of the products and materials have been selected, the house is built, and then it's placed on a lot where you pick one that is closest to want you want.  No customization. No personality. Nothing unique.  Well not anymore!

Structural Modulars, Inc. pushes the limits to DESIGN and CONSTRUCT the best modular structures in the industry today so you will LIVE in the home of your dreams.

When you select Structural Modulars, Inc. to be a part of your building project YOU receive access to the following:

  • Approved Building Partner 
    (We locate an approved SMI builder in your area to oversee your entire project.)
  • Unlimited Floor Plans
    (If it is not conducive for you to travel to us we can bring it to you in digital form,)
  • In-House Drafting Team
    (They will assist your builder with floor plans, code questions, and final permit prints.)
  • 2018 Contemporary Model
    (If it is not conducive for you to travel to us we can bring it to you in digital form,)
  • In-House Showroom
    (If it is not conducive for you to travel to us we can bring it to you in digital form.)
  • Production Line
    (While your home is being constructed you will have access to stop in and check it out or we can set it up so you will receive a link to click on to see it via a slideshow.)
  • Deliver & Set
    (We will deliver and set your home and then give the keys to your builder to finish it.)



Let's Go!


Before you even begin designing your floor plan or picking out flooring, you want to take care of three very important things.

  • BUYING LAND TO BUILD A HOUSE - When you are thinking of purchasing property to build on there are so many questions you will want answered before signing on the dotted line.
  • HOW TO GET A HOME LOAN - Start this process right away.  You need to make sure that you have all of your financial information when you go to meet with a lender.  Banks have been known to close as early as 40 days but that means doing your homework.  
  • HOW TO FIND A HOME BUILDER - SMI has partnered with qualified builders all over PA and the surrounding states.  We look at your location, your budget, and then partner you with the perfect builder.  This is very important since they will be your main point of contact as we move forward through the modular process.